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How to send money with Remit Union

Faster, simpler, safer - send to those you love today.

How its works

Transfer money with Remit Union Ltd

1. Register your Self

You can create your account via an Email address, Facebook and google account.

2. Insert Amount

Add amount which you want to send.

3. Add Recipient Details

Add Receiver details that are required Such as Receiver Name, Address and Telephone number along with Bank Account details for bank deposit payments.

4. Upload Identification Documents

Identification Documents are required for identity verification such as ID Card, Passport and DVLA. Upload valid documents for verification purpose.

5. Add Card details for transaction

Add card details for transaction such as Account Holder Name, Bank Card Number, Bank Card Expiry Date and CVC code.

6. Review and Send

The system will create a summary of your transaction, You can review your details and confirm your transaction.

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